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im new^.^

2009-07-03 17:07:16 by ZXeroadvent12

HEY! im zxeroadvent12, but call me zxero. im new here and im very friendly XD. please be nice and have fun!


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2009-07-03 17:27:33

YAH! alright, welcome to newgrounds account having status, do hope your soul doesn't lose its' will to live b/c of those other silly lil kids goin about ruining ppls view on the community :D have a nice day


2009-07-03 18:01:36

I declare you trollbait.
enjoy your AIDS, fail, and remarks from Igott and MrCock...


2009-07-03 18:50:54

no problem bra :D just doin' my job


2009-07-04 18:56:46

Welcome :D
U looks friendly! :D


2009-07-05 00:01:14

I can comment on your page if I want.
and you shouldn't call someone fat unless you've met them in person. You assume that I'm fat. YOU shouldn't assume because then you make an ASS out of U and ME.

see that? that's called a joke people, some have no sense of humor.


2009-07-05 04:03:16

Incredibly friendly? Why, if you were incredibly friendly, you would have used a passive-aggresive retort to remark Kitten calling you trollbait.

But your profile page avatar is quite original. Another Kirby that absorbed Ike from Fire emblem whom are both in Super SmashBrothers Brawl.

In short. Welcome to Newgrounds ^,...,^?