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just some updates.

2009-11-22 13:32:36 by ZXeroadvent12

yup ive been working on a few things but the main thing is THE ULTIMATE CLASH.

1.the ultimate clash
length:around 9 minutes.
percent done:OLD=12% NEW=15% percent of change=3%

Length:its an RPG game so you decide that.
Percent Done:5%

3.Brotherly battle
percent done:3%

so yea, ill update this post farther in production.

and more and better art comming you way!

i wonder...

2009-11-21 20:23:34 by ZXeroadvent12

i submitted an art project i did. i wonder if people will like it.

not on very often.

2009-07-31 01:21:57 by ZXeroadvent12

im workin on flash projects. but have some fun 'v'

im new^.^

2009-07-03 17:07:16 by ZXeroadvent12

HEY! im zxeroadvent12, but call me zxero. im new here and im very friendly XD. please be nice and have fun!